SPIN! Pizza

SPIN! Pizza really knows how to make hungry folks come back for more. A classic twist on the American fav- pizza. I love the fresh non-greasy dough and cool crisp salads. Kyle loves the toppings and atmosphere. Make sure to save room for a fresh scoop of gelato!

Here is how we see SPIN! Pizza

Taste: 8

Presentation: 9

Originality: 10

Service: 7

Appearance: 7

Value: 7

Restrooms: 7

The breakdown

Taste: Always fresh, always what we are craving, SPIN! pizza is just right. As mentioned earlier, their dough is fresh and not greasy. Their cheeses are fresh and they put just the right amount of sauce on it.

Presentation: They use fun, modern plates and keep it clean and simple.

Originality: SPIN! offers a taste that can’t be found anywhere else between their unique ingredients and commitment to quality. May we recommend the pepperoni and gorgonzola? Or how about one with Italian Sausage and Apples? And if you’re not in the mood for pizza, how about a flavorful 8 color salad?

Service: SPIN!  follows the “fast-causal” format so the servers are not required to do as much as in the traditional sit-down place.  The service has depended solely on the server. We have had exceptional attentive waiters one day and people who forget to refill drinks and bring the tab the next.  When they are busy, they are better staffed and flip tables faster but if you go when they are slow sometimes their folks are so focused on dinner prep that they forget about the people in their cafe.

Appearance: Very clean and modern but still has a down-home feel that makes you want to stay a while. A colorful mural on the wall and an open kitchen where our kids love to watch the cooks make the pizza in their brick oven.

Value: A 12″ pizza runs for about $10 or you can get a personal-sized pie with a side for less than $9. Kids meals are about $5.

Restrooms: Personal Stalls only, but always clean and well-stocked.

So how do you SPIN? Check them out, and let us know!

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