Next Door Pizza and Pub

Do you ever just crave a big ole’ bite of deep dish pizza?  Next Door to the rescue!  You’ll find this quite neighborhood pub to be just the ticket and maybe you can catch a football game while you chow down.

A Slice is Nice

Taste: 7

Presentation: 6

Originality: 5

Service: 6

Appearance: 5

Value: 8

Restrooms: 7

More Cheese, Please

Taste: Personally, I am not a big fan of deep dish, but Kyle says this place does it just right.  The flavors are always good and if I’m not feeling up for pizza, I can always dig into the nice salad bar and have some yummy appetizers.  May I recommend the legendary puerta fries?

Presentation: The food is well-presented and always looks appetizing.

Originality: Just another local pizza place, here.  But they are clearly a favorite among the college folks and there are pictures all over the walls of different schools declaring their love for Next Door.  It is special to go to a place where it is so clearly loved by so many.

Service: Even though I have had my share of awkward servers at Next Door, they are consistently helpful and polite.  We always bring the kids and they are very kind to them as well.

Appearance: Very tasteful, clean, homey atmosphere.  They have a side room for parties that also has some arcade games and even a train set for the little ones.

Value: It is a tad high, but all of the food comes in large portions so it is very “shareable.”  An average 14″ deep dish pizza is around $20, a dozen wings is $8 and endless salad bar is $6 but if you only want to go once it is an easy $3.

Restrooms: Clean and they must be nice because my toddler goes an average of five times per visit.

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