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Kyle and I have a birthday tradition where we always try out a new place and make it a nice date.  This past week was my birthday, so we picked a place that we have been hearing a lot of good things about, Chez Elle Creperie and Coffeehouse.  We were won over with the welcoming atmosphere and will certainly come again for the delicious food!


Taste: 9

Presentation: 9

Originality: 9

Service: 6

Appearance: 6

Value: 6

Restrooms: Didn’t see.

Au revoir.

Taste: As you can see from their menu, they serve crepes in three main categories: savory, sweet and breakfast.  Everything looked amazing, so we ended up getting three different crepes to share.  The taste was exactly what I was craving: simple, fresh flavors with a type of food that didn’t sink in my stomach.  The overall eating experience was so delightful that it made me want to continue exploring French cuisine at different restaurants in the future.

Presentation: This was quite possibly the best part.  Our crepes were perfectly golden brown and all had little simple garnishes that made them look like pieces of art.

Originality: Maybe I don’t get out much, but I have heard of a restaurant that focused solely on crepes, at least in the Kansas City area.  They pulled off their concept quite well and I wish there were more eateries like them in the greater Kansas City area.

Service: The service here was only so-so.  They were helpful in explaining the menu, but there wasn’t anything about the service that made them stand out in that aspect.

Appearance: It is a cute, quaint little place filled with indoor plants, artwork, books and games.  It is the kind of place that you want to take off your shoes and stay for a while.  The only downside was that it felt a little cramped at times.  They have plenty of floor space, but they really packed the chairs in there even though when we ate during the lunch hour it was probably only 25% full.

Value: I personally thought the price point was a little high and since the crepes were so tasty, you really are going to want one just for yourself.  Kyle and I each got three crepes, I got a 1/2 salad and he got an Italian soda.  All that was just under $40 which, again, I felt was a little high for a lunch.  But hey, it was my birthday!

Restrooms: n/a

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