Located in the artistic Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, we had heard about the amazing local eats and drinks at Grinders for quite some time.  When Kyle saw that they used authentic rolls for their philly cheese steaks, we finally decided to give them a try.


Taste: 8

Presentation: 5

Originality: 6

Service: 7

Appearance: 5

Value: 9

Restrooms: 9

But Not Fartsy 

Taste: The kids split two slices of pizza and I tried a bite.  The sauce was delish and the boys gobbled down their supper.  Kyle declared his cheese steak the most authentic one he has had (something about the roll?) and so he was a happy dude.  My calzone was tasty, not too humungous and very fresh.

Presentation: We ate outside and they served us on paper plates and the food is just kinda piled on there.  No big deal because it all tasted awesome.

Originality: They do add their own special twist to a lot of their specials, but it is still just your standard pizza and burger joint.

Service: Although it was a little confusing to tell who worked there and who was just friendly, our server was very nice and helpful.  Initially, they accidentally sent out the wrong calzone and she handled the whole thing really well and was genuinely apologetic.

Appearance: It definitely has that “local favorite” feel and even though we stuck out like sore thumbs (white suburban, middle class, with 3 small kids, not artsy looking at all), we felt very comfortable and just like we were out eating on somebody’s patio.  It was a beautiful day so when the kids were finished eating, they played in the big grassy area while Kyle and I chatted.

Value: The food here is cheap cheap cheap.  Pizza by the slice is $3, Kyle’s sandwich was $5 and my calzone was the priciest at $8.  Burgers and subs are about $9 and an 18″ pizza is about $14.  Make sure to check out their daily specials for even cheaper eats!

Restrooms: According to the boys, the restrooms were “actually really nice.”

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