While Kyle and I aren’t one to check out the “newest, hottest spots” in town, when we saw how fun Mestizo looked from the outside, we knew that we would need to try it at least once.  The menu was exclusively developed by some hot shot from the Food Network and it did not disappoint.

Fine Dining

Taste: 9

Presentation: 10

Originality: 9

Service: 9

Appearance: 7

Value: 6

Restrooms: Didn’t check them out.

With a Mexican Twist 

Taste: You really aren’t going to find food quite like this anywhere else in the Kansas City area.  This truly is fine dining through the eyes of a talented Mexican chef.  Kyle and I shared their guacamole, queso fundido and skirt steak tacos.  I ate the tamales and Kyle ate the pepita cursted scallops.  The flavors were so unique and rich, yet not overbearing. Everything was excellent.

Presentation: All of the food could have been framed and put onto our walls.  They certainly wanted it to be a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.

Originality: Maybe we just don’t get out enough, but this was certainly my first time trying Mexican fine dining.  I really loved how Chef Sanchez built everything around food that he grew up eating, but then gave it that extra fine dining feel.  When most people think of Mexican food, they think of big piles of food on a plate all smothered in cheese.  We all need to think outside of the box and realize that Mexican has a place in that world as well.

Service: This was one of the high points of our experience there.  Since we were first-timers, and the menu was so unique, I had a lot of questions.  Our server made us feel right at home and explained all the food from the point of view of somebody who is very passionate about it.

Appearance: They have a fabulous fire pit outside as well as full seating on the roof for private parties.  It is certainly very nice inside, very clean and modern, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Value: For fine dining it is exactly right.  For the rest of us, the price point is a little high.  Starters are about $10 each, small plates range from $10-$15, and entrees range from $15-30.

Restrooms: n/a

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