Guadalajara Cafe

Sometimes, you go out to a new place because a friend suggests it and sometimes, you go out because you bought a Groupon and said, “what the heck?”  Here friends, is one of our successful Groupon experiences at our new favorite local Mexican place, Guadalajara Cafe.  

Tengo Hambre.  

Taste: 7

Presentation: 6

Originality: 5

Service: 7

Appearance: 5

Value: 8

Restrooms: 7

Que Rico, es!

Taste: Chips were warm, salsa was fresh.  Kyle got these mini tacos that looked amazing, and I got just a classic dinner plate: tamale, taco and enchilada, served with rice and beans.  It was all very tasty and even the kids scarfed down their quesadilla and rice (or was that Kyle? hummm)

Presentation: Kyle’s entree was particularly lovely looking and mine was just your standard “pile it high” Mexican fare.

Originality: Just another mom and pop Mexican place.  But we do have a question- what is with all of the mushrooms?  We felt that a lot of the entrees (even their cheese dip) had mushrooms in it.  Never heard of that for Mexican food so we were a little thrown off.

Service: For waltzing in with three young kids, they were very accommodating.  They gave us little cups with lids for the kids and were great with refills.  We felt very comfortable and everybody had a great time.

Appearance: It’s not much to look at from the outside but they keep the inside fresh and clean.  When we looked at online reviews a lot of folks described the place as “dark and dingy” and we didn’t feel that way at all.

Value: Kyle’s entree was $16,  mine was $10 and the kids’ was $4.  Not the cheapest Mexican food you’ll find, but the portions are very “sharable” if you are pinching pennies.

Restrooms: Kyle said they were fine and very clean.

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