Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

You truly haven’t dined in Kansas City until you have eaten at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue.  Us locals just call it “Jack Stack.”  Where elegant dining meets amazing barbecue, Jack Stack is the place to impress those out-of-town relatives.  Yum, just thinking about those burnt ends is making me hungry!

Barbecue meets…

Taste: 8

Presentation: 7

Originality: 6

Service: 7

Appearance: 9

Value: 6

Restrooms: 6

…Classy Dining

Taste:  I have lost track of the times that we have eaten at Jack Stack’s and I can tell you, their food is consistent.  Always hot and well seasoned, you can tell that their management has a tight reign on consistency and quality.

Presentation: Nothing too amazing here but the food is always nicely presented.  They serve their iconic onion rings on a little pole and that jazzes things up a bit.

Originality: While there isn’t really anything original about another bbq joint, Jack Stack rises above them all by bringing a classy atmosphere to the bbq experience without sacrificing taste.  Say what you like, but I believe that you don’t need to eat at a gas station to get the best barbecue in town.

Service: My experiences here have been a little mixed.  Sometimes I get a friendly server, sometimes I get a server who is a little more “hands-off.”  We’ve always had nice experiences but some servers have been more attentive than others.

Appearance: The Country Club Plaza location is very lovely with large chandeliers and decor yet it keeps a cozy feel to it also.  I love taking people here for the first time- this restaurant was made to impress!

Value: Meat entrees range from $15 to $30+ and dinner salads around about $10 depending on what you get.  Most entrees come with a side and after everything is said and done, it is plenty of food to share.  Lots of people split entrees two-ways and everybody leaves with full bellies.

Restrooms: Nothing remarkable here, but they are always clean.

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