Fritz’s Railroad

We finally gave the infamous Fritz’s Railroad a try after passing by it several times in previous trips to Crown Center.  Our 3 year-old and 2 year-old boys were thrilled with the fun atmosphere and all of the trains!  The food was on par with Winstead’s.  So as long as you know what to expect, you’ll enjoy your dining adventure on the railroad.

All Aboard!

Taste: 5

Presentation: 5

Originality: 10

Service: 7

Appearance: 4

Value: 6

Restrooms:  Being in a mall, this location doesn’t have restrooms inside their restaurant.  But they are just around the corner!


Taste: Kyle and the kids got burgers and I got a (massive) side salad.  If you’re expecting diner food, you’ll be happy.  The fries left a little to be desired, though.  The kids loved their food and Kyle declared his burger “very decent.”

Presentation: This is why their is always a line for Fritz’s.  The entire restaurant is set up like a big railroad car with model trains surrounding the seating area.  Above your head is another model train, but it is a special one that delivers your hot food.  The whole thing was so captivating for all the boys (including Kyle) that I know they’ll be talking about this trip for the next few weeks.

Originality: When’s the last time a model train delivered your food?  Yup, that’s what I thought.  This place is one-of-a-kind and we are now adding it to our regular rotation of “guests to impress” places.

Service: They were very attentive and checked on us several times.  They also got people in and out very quickly which was to their credit because of the endless line out of the door.

Appearance: This category was a little sticky.  Like, the floor was sticky.  And so was our table.  When I asked for a high chair for the baby, they handed me one and about 15 minutes after she had been hanging out in it, one of the servers came to me with a sani-wipe and said, “You’ll want to wipe this thing down.  It was really gross when I gave it to you.” Um, good thing I’m not a germaphobe!  I was pretty surprised that they didn’t just wipe it down before handing it to me…oh well!  Another thing that was a little disappointing is the fact that they serve everything on disposable server ware, like paper plates, cups and plastic knives.  Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m eating out, I like to use the “real” stuff and not feel like I’m in a cafeteria.

Value:  Most burgers are less than $5, my salad was $5 and the kids meals were about $5 each.  They give you plenty of food and we all left with full bellies.

Restrooms: n/a

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