Weekend Edition- Rachael Ray

So not all of my blogs have to be positive, right?

I just don’t get Rachael Ray and why she is so wildly popular.  Yes, I can see that accessable girl-next-door brunette look that she has, her brooklyn accent and big laugh, but what about the food?  I got a free subscription to her magazine last year and couldn’t find one recipe that made me excited to get into the kitchen.  I love all of her variety and her passion for good food, but when it comes down to it, there was always an ingredient or two that either I didn’t have, or wouldn’t like.

Oh, and I tried making some of her “30-minute” meals but they always take way longer than that (maybe it’s the kiddos?) so that has taken away their appeal.

So, am I missing something?  Or do you feel the same way?  Who is your go-to celebrity chef?

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