Travel Edition- WaWa

Ok you aren’t really going to believe your ears, but WaWa (pronounced “wah-wah”) is a gas station.  That has great food.  What?!? Imagine a really good, clean deli- that also sells gasoline out front.  Intrigued? Read on, friend.  Read on.

Not Your Ordinary Gas Station

Taste: 8

Presentation: 7

Originality: 9

Service: 7

Appearance: 9

Value: 9

Restrooms: Haven’t been.

Come to Kansas City, WaWa!

Taste: When I went to grad school in PA, WaWa was a mainstay of my student diet.  They have such a wide, high-quality selection of food that it is mind-boggling.  They serve both hot and cold breakfast items, subs, soups, salads, wraps, as well as fresh fruit, donuts and coffee.  And the quality is better than many of the local delis and for a gas station, simple astounding.

Presentation: They realize that everybody is on the go, so everything is wrapped up and ready for the road.  Last time I went, I got a coffee and ordered a bagel with cream cheese.  They put the cream cheese on the bagel and it made it easier for me while driving.  They pay good attention to the details- very nice job!

Originality: I mean, do you know of any other gas station that offers a wide variety of high quality food?  I do not!

Service: These folks are quick and friendly!  You order from a computer screen and it prints off your receipt.  You take your receipt to the register, pay for it, and then when your order is ready, they call your number.  Spiffy, isn’t it?  Kyle says that he knows lots of folks that just order their lunch here and save it for later.

Appearance: Very, very clean and neat.

Value: Bakery items are about $1 or less, sandwiches are just under $5 and their very legit coffee is under $2.

Restrooms: n/a

Wawa Food Market on Urbanspoon

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