Travel Edition- Rita’s Water Ice

If you’re from the Philly/tri-state area, Rita’s Water Ice (pronounced “wooder-ice” by the locals) is the taste of summer.  What is water ice?  Ignore the strange name and just think slushy (or snow cone) meets heaven.  With fresh flavors made daily and a low price point, there is no reason not to check this place out the next time you find yourself on the East Coast.

Refreshing meets Flavor

Taste: 9

Presentation: 5

Originality: 10

Service: 5

Appearance: 6

Value: 9

Restrooms: n/a

Flavor meets Refreshing

Taste: With a light, melt-in-your-mouth quality, water ice (also called Italian Ice) is the perfect summer treat.  My favorite flavor is the lemon (their #1 seller) and it’s like thinly shaven ice whipped up with fresh lemon juice.  Just make sure to eat it fast, because it melts quickly.

Presentation: Nothing too special here.  They just scoop it into a cup.  But the bright colors make it a delight for the eyes.

Originality: If you aren’t from the Philly/New Jersey/New York area, you’ve never even heard of Rita’s.  And, I just feel so sorry for you.  These folks are genius and I hope the water ice love spreads throughout this entire country.

Service: Honestly, service isn’t that great.  So don’t let that taint your experience.

Appearance: It is a simple walk-up restaurant with outside dining only.  I usually prefer to eat in the car because of all those friendly summer bugs.

Value: You’ll want to get a small because a size any bigger would melt before you could consume it all.  A small size runs from $3-4.

Also- in addition to water ice, Rita’s also dishes up blended drinks, frozen custard and lots of other goodies.  Check them out!

Restrooms: n/a

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