Noodles and Company

Fresh, healthy and fun- we have been regular lovers of Noodles & Company ever since we had our first bite in 2007. It still shocks us that lots of people have never heard of them. Read on so that you, too, can become a believer in good noodles.

A Saucy beginning

Taste: 8

Presentation: 9

Originality: 10

Service: 6

Appearance: 7

Value: 6

Restrooms: 9

Comin’ Back for More

Taste: From Japanese Pan Fried Noodles to their famous Mac ‘n cheese, they have a wide selection of specialty dishes from all over the globe. The taste quality is consistent and fresh- they didn’t get a 10 because we certainly have had better BUT you won’t find a better selection for this price-point.

Presentation: This is what has kept us going back for more. They just make everything look so darn pretty. They know how to mix the right amount of vegetables with colorful sauces or cheese and the overall dining experience is lovely.

Originality: We haven’t seen a concept like this before now- where a restaurant uses the entire globe as inspiration for their menu and then compacts it into one dining experience. Kudos to you, Noodles!

Service: I have had mixed experiences here. Service is top-notch when working directly with a manager. Other times, though, I have ordered my food from a bored younger person who can’t wait to get off work. Thankfully, the good has outweighed the bad- so we’ll be coming back for more.

Appearance: They have kept things simple but colorful. Their cafes are spacious and a great place to bring the whole family.

Value: Dishes are about $8 each and if you throw in a drink, you can easily spend $10 a person. So it’s not McDonald’s, but we didn’t want McDonald’s, did we?

Restrooms: Simple, but clean.

Check these good people out- you’ll be glad that you did!

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