When this new up-and-coming burger chain moved into Overland Park, Kyle and I checked out the website and had never seen a company so enthusiastic about their food. They customize their menu based on the region and aim to be “every city’s favorite burger place.”  Well, they have won our hearts and we hope they win yours as well!

Smash.  Sizzle.

Taste: 10

Presentation: 7

Originality: 5

Service: 5

Appearance: 7

Value: 9

Restrooms: 4


Taste:  While there are a lot of good burgers out there, Smashburger does them well, but also has amazingly fresh salads and tempting sizzling sides.  Did I mention that their milkshakes are made from real hagen daas ice cream?  They aim for quality on all levels, not just with their burgers.  Make sure to check out their items for vegetarians as well.

Presentation: They have been a little hit and miss here.  Sometimes it’s perfection, sometimes my burger is in a messy heap.  Be careful when you do take-out because the food can get a little soggy, especially the haystack onions.

Originality: In all honesty, it is only a burger joint.  I like it that they customize their menu per region, but other than that, it’s not that original.

Service: Being a fast-casual restaurant, the customer service experience is pretty minimal.

Appearance: They keep their restaurant clean and the Overland Park location is a little narrow and cramped at times.  But they bus their tables pretty quickly and keep everything nicely stocked.

Value: The average burger is about $6 and a sharable side is around $2.  Add a $2 fountain soda, you are at about $9 a person.

Restrooms: Pretty simple but they keep ‘em clean and stocked.

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2 thoughts on “Smashburger

  1. I had similar thoughts on this burger place. The clincher for me is cost vs enjoyment. For a similar/maybe lower cost I can go to Five Guys (& hopefully one day In and Out burger, fingers crossed…) for a burger that I enjoy more. Great review, Thanks!

  2. Thanks for reading! And yes, please of please let there be In ‘n Out- and soon! I feel like the Five Guys cost point is about the same- burgers run about $6, add fries and a drink and you’re at $11 or so. But, Five Guys has more meat in their burger and I think that’s why a lot of people prefer them.

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