Mimi’s Cafe

With a warm enviorment and low prices, I have enjoyed going to Mimi’s Cafe since I was a little girl.  This easy-going diner modeled after cafes in France is nice enough to take your friends to and yet also great for kids.


Taste: 7

Presentation: 6

Originality: 5

Service: 9

Appearance: 8

Value: 9

Restrooms: Don’t remember

Sit Down and Stay for Awhile. 

Taste: They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I love them the best for a late-breakfast.  They have an espresso bar and the buttermilk spice muffin is to die for!  While the flavors aren’t mind-blowing or original, they have consistently good food.

Presentation: Sometimes the food feels a little crowded on their small plates, but they use warm colored plates and fresh garnishes.

Originality:  Even though they claim to be a French Cafe, it is more like a classic American cafe with a French twist.  Think of a place like Marie Calendars.

Service: Very friendly wait-staff they are helpful with the menu.

Appearance: Being a chain restaurant, Mimi’s tends to have a “cookie cutter” feel to it, in that all of their locations are exactly alike.  Their locations are very classy and sweet- just all exactly alike.

Value:  Great bang for your buck and all of their entrees come with sides, etc.  I rarely spend a lot and always leave full.

Restrooms: n/a

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