It is my absolute honor to tell you about a remarkable award-winning restaurant named Stroud’s. They have been cooking up pan-fried chicken since 1933 and since people are still coming back for more, you know that it is just. That. Good. And it is well-worth the 90 minute [!!] wait.

Just HOW good is it?

Taste: 10+

Presentation: 7

Originality: 6

Service: 9

Appearance: 8

Value: 8

Restrooms: 5

Details details

Taste: I’m not even a fried-chicken kinda girl, but let me tell you, I’d eat here every day if I could. Everything is hot and sizzling, made for you after you order. They stay true to their old-fashioned recipes and I believe that is what gives it such an amazing flavor and taste.

Presentation: Everything is served in baskets family style so it really just feels like sitting down at Grandma’s for dinner. The dining area is a little cramped but the quality of the food is well worth letting everybody get a chance to eat.

Originality: This only got a lower score because there isn’t anything original about chicken, potatoes and gravy. They just do it better than anybody around.

Service: Friendly and proud to be a part of a historical restaurant, I always feel welcome at Stroud’s.

Appearance: It is definitely in an old farm house so what you see is what you get. ¬†They keep it very clean and cozy but it certainly isn’t the Ritz Carlton.

Value: You choose between chicken, beef, pork or seafood- and all meals come with soup or salad, potatoes or green beans and everybody gets a basket of cinnamon rolls. Depending on what meat you get, the average meal runs between $15 and $25. If you’re looking for a little more cluck for your buck, try one of their lunch specials for $10.

Restrooms: Nothing too impressive here.

We highly recommend this true taste of American home-cooking! Let us know if you check them out!

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